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13.9 New pictures of Cinnaberry's Love Machine
6.9 New pictures of Cinnaberry's Big Bounce
5.9 New pictures of Alertness Kiss The Frog
Puppy plans updated
30.7 Champions updated
27.7 New pictures of Cinnaberry's Lord Voldemort, Cinnaberry's Lord Uhtred & Cinnaberry's Lady Fortuna 
Cinnaberry's Big Win & Cinnaberry's Big Dream
Wellcome Jakub
19.7 New pictures of Cinnaberry's Nikolai
14.7 New pictures of Cinnaberry's Hard Lovin' Man
14.6 Puppies page updated. New picture of Cinnaberry's Hard Lovin' Man
29.5 Champion gallery updated.
New pictures of Cinnaberry's Turbo Lover & Cinnaberry's Lord Voldemort
2.4 Pictures of BIG-litter
13.3 Wellcome Günther
6.3 Champion gallery updated